The Dreaded 7 Signs of Aging

7 Signs Of Aging

As if the candles on your birthday cake aren’t enough to remind you that you aren’t getting any younger, the signs of aging will inevitably become visible on your face as you grow older. The first step to combating these signs is to learn what they are and deciding which signs you need to target first.

1. Dark spots or Age Spots

Age or Dark Spots are caused by over exposure to the sun. Usually brown or reddish in color,
these areas of hyper pigmentation become more visible and evident with aging skin. These can
also be caused by other skin injuries such as pimples, etc. Another name for dark spots are “liver
spots”, although they have nothing at all to do with your liver.

2. Lines and Wrinkles

Nothing sends women (and men) through the roof faster than discovering new lines and wrinkles on
their faces. Fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet are the most obvious signs of getting old – and
we all hate them like the plague. Even young skin can develop lines and wrinkles if you aren’t

3. Sagging Skin

When skin losses its youthful tautness, it begins to appear loose and sagging. This makes you look
tired, even when you aren’t. Losing and gaining weight can create sagging skin, but the main culprit is free radical damage that breaks down parts of your skin that would usually keep it tight.

4. Dry skin

As you grow old, your skin will start to lose its ability to retain moisture effectively. When that
happens your skin will start to look dry and lifeless. Dry skin will have a dehydrated
appearance and aids in forming wrinkles and scaly lines.

5. Dull Skin

Old skin is dull skin. Because older skin takes a longer time to renew itself, you will eventually
start to lose that youthful glow that you once had. Dull skin is made worse by wind, heat and
even indoor air-conditioning. Dull skin is also prone to flaking, chapping and a tightening

6. Patchy or Uneven Skin

When your skin starts to age, you might start seeing uneven skin color or patchy discoloration.
This can be caused by a number of reasons, such as variations in melanin, burst blood
vessels, or even the growth of foreign organisms on your skin (ewwwww).

7. Larger Pores

As your skin loses its elasticity, your pores will become more visible. Your once smooth and
flawless skin will soon show larger pores, especially in the nose area. Larger pores can still
appear anywhere on the face.

You might not be able to stop time, but you can start taking good care of your skin and enjoy a younger looking you by living a healthier lifestyle and practicing proven skin care tips. If you’re looking for a powerful solution to combat signs of aging, click here to see the Nuvosa Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment Collection.

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