Easy Ways to Reduce Wrinkles (Part 2)

Surprised how effective the tips from part 1 were in combating old wrinkles, and preventing new ones from forming? Don’t be, because here are 5 more easy steps to help you to keep your skin looking younger and more radiant.

6. Discover the AHAs! –

AHA is a popular word in the skin care and skin ageing industry, but do you know what AHA does? AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy Acids are natural acids that remove the top layer of dead skin cells from your face. There are also stronger types of AHAs that can help your skin boost the production of collagen. These “peeling” effect reduces fine lines, the appearance of pores, and surface wrinkles.

There’s a catch however: applying AHAs can make your skin more sensitive to UV radiation, so wear sunscreen to help fight the harsh effects of the sun.

7. Use Soy –

Soy is another new and surprising ingredient that can help improve your skin’s appearance. There are studies that show that using soy on your face’s skin or taking soy supplements may protect and even, in some cases, heal some of the damage that the sun has done to your skin. Soy has also been known to even out skin tone and improve skin structure and firmness.


Easy Ways to Reduce Wrinkles Part 1

Reducing or preventing wrinkles – those dreaded signs of aging – is a constant battle.  Here are some surprisingly easy ways to help you win the fight and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

1. Sleep on Your Back –

You might not be aware of it but sleeping in certain positions, especially night after night, results in wrinkles or sleep lines on your face. Love sleeping on your side? That favorite beauty sleep position of yours can lead to wrinkles on your cheeks. Sleeping face down, on the other hand, leaves you with a furrowed brow. Worse, the wrinkles that your sheets, pillow or gravity etch on the top layers of your skin don’t go away when you get up.

The solution? Sleep on your back. Not only is it more relaxing, it will also help you cut down on new wrinkles.

2. Eat More Fish –

Fish, especially Salmon, are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Experts agree and have proven that these healthy acids help nourish the skin, keeping it plump and youthful. The final result? Less wrinkles.