Ready for some crazy skin care and beauty secrets? We’ll take you inside the mind of your employer, spouse, friends, and just about every other person in your life and discover why reclaiming beautiful skin isn’t only about vanity!

Everyone knows beautiful people with beautiful skin are far more fortunate compared to those with damaged, aging skin. Way beyond simply being easier on the eye, attractive people are statistically more skilled, have greater self-confidence, are highly intelligent, healthier, and far more successful.

This statement may not sound rational or quite fair (it’s not), but psychologists have consistently demonstrated this is exactly how the brain perceives others.

The concept of beautiful people having unfair advantages has been around forever. Now studies are being conducted to see just how much this bias towards a more youthful appearance affects your finances and overall happiness.

Read on as we reveal the startling statistics, the surprising results, and why overwhelming people with your new, refined and younger looking skin can seriously improve your life.

Once you finish this article you’ll have an important strategic tool to use to your advantage!

For starters, here’s one of those startling statistics: The best looking people earn an average of $250,000 more during their career than less attractive workers. Can you believe that?

Other proven facts include a higher likelihood of finding employment, remaining employed, receiving a promotion, and even more easily getting approved for loans. Beautiful people are, quite simply, treated far better than those less attractive. They receive preferential treatment due almost exclusively to their looks. This is according to a new study done by University of Texas economist Dr. Daniel Hamermesh.

“In economic terms, beauty is scarce. People distinguish themselves and pay attention to beauty” says Hamermesh. “Companies realize that hiring better-looking people helps in various ways. In every market, whether it’s jobs or marriage, beauty matters.”

Outside of the job market comparisons, there are also less obvious financial benefits of keeping your skin looking good, according to Hamermesh.

Included in the study, he showed that better looking women were more likely to marry a man with additional education and a higher income.

This next finding isn’t going to surprise anyone, but we’ll mention it just for the sake of being thorough. Most men place physical attractiveness as their most valued feature in a woman.

Before we move on to how improved skin can benefit your life in other ways, watch this video now and see what Dr. Hamermesh discovered when looking at the link between your economic situation and happiness.

Despite the strong correlation Dr. Hamermesh found in his research, there’s no doubt that money doesn’t always equal happiness. If a bigger bank account isn’t all you’re looking for, consider these additional advantages of improving your looks:

Even though all of this seems like an over-the-top exaggeration, keep in mind that the downsides of “aging naturally” and diminishing beauty are rarely discussed, but the research behind it is overwhelming. A recently released study of 25,000 people worldwide conducted over 28 years showed that staying beautiful can “buy” you both money AND happiness.

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