Is my skin right for Nuvosa products?

Our products can be used on any skin tone, and can be used to improve skin of almost any age. Most women won’t see a drastic improvement until they age over 25 to 30 years old, but in situations of sun damage or severely dried out skin we have seen examples of younger women having success. Our products can also be used as an early deterrent to delay, or completely stop new signs of skin aging from forming.

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How long before I see a visible result from using Nuvosa products?

The time in which you can expect to see results will depend on your treatment area, the severity of the problem, as well as which products you are using at the time. Many of our clients tell us they can see results within minutes when using the anti-wrinkle treatments, while more permanent changes can start showing up within a few days.

Other products like our toner and moisturizer take longer to see the full results. For optimal results you should use any new product at least 4-6 weeks. This is the length of time it takes for new cell turnover. Visible differences in your skin become much clearer after this amount of time has passed.

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How often should I use my Nuvosa products?

Your use of the products will depend on which line you are using and your skins level of adaptation to that product.

Please see the table below for our recommendation on product usage:


Product Line Frequency
Flawless Age Protection Toner Use this age protection toner before applying your skincare regimen products. For most women, that’s in the morning and evening but it can be used once a day if preferred.
Deep Wrinkle Remedy Anti-Aging Serum Morning and evening applications are recommended with this product for the fastest results. If you’re worried about skin dryness, you can start by using it once a day, or 3-4 times a week. Apply after cleansing and before your moisturizer.
Reborn Wrinkle Shield Moisturizer Use this moisturizer after applying all of your other skincare products. It should be the final product you apply since skincare products can cause mild skin dryness. It can be reapplied as needed throughout the day.

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In what order do I use my Nuvosa products?

Start every application by removing any dirt, environmental pollutants or makeup with a cleanser. If you have our Flawless Toner, that will work for your first step as well. It will thoroughly cleanse your skin and starts the skin perfecting process.

After you’ve cleansed and toned, it’s time to apply any serums or creams. With Nuvosa, this would include our Deep Wrinkle Remedy serum.

The final step in any skincare regiment should be your moisturizer. Nuvosa’s Reborn Wrinkle Shield moisturizer gives your skin enough moisture to last all day or night. Along with the skin hydration, this product provides a wide array of other benefits which you can see here.

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Is it normal to experience some dryness when I begin using the products?

Some dryness is normal as your skin becomes accustomed to certain products within the Nuvosa product line. Our moisturizer was designed to combat the dryness, especially during the early stages when your skin is still getting used to the new products. If you’re using our other products, without the moisturizer, please remember that you still need to use some kind of moisturizer after your applications. If dryness increases, try using the products only once a day or apply moisturizer throughout the day.

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Can I use Nuvosa in combination with other skin treatments?

If you are under a doctor’s care, please consult with the doctor first so he or she can make that determination. If you are using over the counter acne products you can combine Nuvosa with those products. Be careful not to overdo it, and always make sure to apply enough moisturizer to combat the possible dryness that may occur by using a large mix of ingredients. Nuvosa products are free of fragrance, lanolin, alcohol, propylene glycol, and dyes which are all ingredients that can be harmful to skin. The absence of these ingredients allows our customers easy integration into their current regimens.

While using Nuvosa with other products on the market won’t cause any problems, we’ve found using Nuvosa as a total system provides the best results.

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Can men use Nuvosa products?

Yes, Nuvosa can be used by men as well as women. Nuvosa products are targeted towards women, but we’ve heard from many happy male customers. There’s no evidence that Nuvosa products would work any differently for men than it would for women.

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Are your products natural/organic?

Our products are not all 100% natural or organic. However, all Nuvosa products are free of ingredients such as fragrances, dyes, propylene glycol, lanolin, alcohol, and other chemicals. There are ingredients in many mainstream skincare products that have the potential to lead to irritation of your skin, as well as pigmentation problems or the development of dark marks.

You will notice on our ingredient lists that the majority of the ingredients are organic, and most products are formulated with over 90% organic ingredients. However, since it’s not 100%, we’re not able to certify the products as organic. We strive to provide the most effective products on the market while using as many natural ingredients as possible. We never cut costs for cheaper ingredients.

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Are your products tested on animals?

No, none of the Nuvosa products are tested on animals, and never will be.

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Will I have to use Nuvosa forever, or will I be able to stop once I’m happy with the results?

Nuvosa products are cosmeceuticals. That means they are cosmetic products that have the best, most innovative scientific research and technology involved in making them. However, just like diet and exercise, you need to continue using them to maintain the results you’ve achieved.

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Can I use Nuvosa on my neck and body?

Yes, although Nuvosa products have been designed to be gentle enough for facial use, it can also be used on your neck or body. We have many women that use the product on their neck, arms, and hands with great results, .

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