5 Anti-Aging Skin Care Mistakes

Aging is a natural, but what you might not know is that you have some habits that are harming your skin. Check out these careless ways that you might be contributing to the premature aging of your skin. After all, no amount of anti-aging products can help you out if you aren’t properly taking care of your skin.

Leaving your makeup on –

Yes, you’re tired, but leaving you’re makeup on will not only mess up your sheets, it will also age your skin prematurely. Let your face rest and breathe for the day, by removing your makeup before you go to bed (or, if you can, as soon as you get home). Leave it on overnight, and you’re putting strain on your skin and enlarging the pores. Practicing this simple habit can help keep years off of your face and don’t forget that anti-aging products are even more effective when they aren’t fighting through a layer of makeup.

Ignoring sunscreen –

When you don’t make it a habit to apply sunscreen when you go outdoors, you’re not only aging your skin, you’re also putting yourself at risk for developing skin cancer. Do yourself and your skin a great favor, and make a habit of applying sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy. You might not know it but the right sunscreen is one of the best anti-aging products.  You’ll hear us say it over and over again, UV damage is the #1 cause of skin damage.

Using too many products at one time –

Because of the different benefits that skin care products and anti-aging products promise to provide, consumers have a hard time making up their minds. When using a new product, make sure to stick with it a couple of weeks to give the product – and your skin – enough time to show you results.  This is one reason why Nuvosa doesn’t have an extensive list of products that you simply don’t need.

Not getting enough sleep –

It isn’t called beauty rest for nothing. When you get enough rest (7-8 hours a night is the recommended amount of shut-eye), you provide your cells enough time to repair the damage that UV rays and pollution have done to your skin. Get insufficient sleep and your skin won’t have time to repair and rejuvenate itself, leading to a worn out appearance and a lackluster complexion. So remember to get the right amount of beauty rest.

Forgetting your hands and neck –

You might be taking good care of your face, but are you giving the proper amount of attention to your hands and neck? Like your face, your hands and neck can also show signs of aging such as dryness, dark spots, and even wrinkles. To keep your neck and your hands looking young, you should apply sunscreen and moisturizer on these areas. The same products that work on your face, also works on these areas so don’t forget to include your hands and neck to your daily skin care regimen.

Find a bad habit of yours up there? Now is the time to take action to make sure that your skin gets the treatment and care that you both deserve.

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